Being Low in a Good Way

by Jack Dempster

being low in a good way beat down beatific
    unshaken from quietude      roughed up made ecstatic
 thrown about towns unto new streets uprooted
   finding       wrapped
         up energy routes       pockets new places
      sit read       love meditate
 know and grow
         write verse
   rock and roll bars beers
plants shuffled black market
       moods impressions     being at one with Tao    empty
            allowing phenomena flow wild
           clouds on sky tracing     footprints

       haikulike           discovering               vastness
         cold wandering vastness
         out blank            frozen swamps     brickstone
          ease-of-tension     sinking into serene
        wayward finding
        freshness     cannot stay rooted

      seeking passionately
          glimmering dreaminess of night beaches rooms
     places where fate has chanced to send
      you into oh the
           joy        being swept into swirling waves
            universe pulsates transfigures itself rotates Hydralike
       vast channels     windy energy great powers
     learning to dance with their multiwaved
                 currents ah
     cosmic dancer                         uplifting cosmic tides

— from Juniper Volume 1, Issue 3