By the Time I Arrived by Michael Penny

the party was in full swing
and the angels were having
the time of their eternities.

The drinks were intoxicating
with no hangover,

and the snacks delicious
and non-fattening, not that
anyone had anything to fatten.

The jokes were funny
but not cruel.

The insights and discussion
preached moderation but no one
felt they were missing out.

Some people I knew weren’t there:
had their invitations been mislaid,
or were they not on the list?

It wasn’t my list
nor my place to comment.

Although I did know so many
from their looks and books,
I said little.

I was shy. A newcomer.

I couldn’t even ask about
the transport that brought me
nor the depot where I boarded.

But I was welcome
even if the occasional flower lapel
wasn’t sure who I was

but that sorted itself out
as I expected it would.

— from Juniper Volume 8, Issue 1