Cerebration by Allan Briesmaster

The movement of signals crisscrossing the brain,
threading the on/off switches in neurons,
generates a singular magnetic field
which (some claim) hosts – or is – our consciousness.

It dwells in leaps amongst particulate matter
and energy-waves. Thus we’re both one and two.
Embodied by the molecules of cells;
interinanimated by a flow

analogous to Spirit. But true Spirit
hovers, I’ll wager, through the in-betweens:
no way to cleave or tweeze it, no more than
the source of earliest language can be pinned

at scratch or streak or chip on ancient stone.
Or wiry networks emulate a brain
through reams of data pooled and streamed with logic,
randomly coaxing odds by quantum means,

purporting to code anthro-cogency
while losing senses with a closing heart
in notions that the least imagination shows
are for the most part stumbling-blocks to flight.

World gone opaque, stripped of its mystery?
No way! Admitting how my own locutions flounder.

Breath of a bird over a skin of water …
before the wind outspoken, calling light.

— from Juniper Volume 8, Issue 1