Ocean at Palm Beach

by Anna Passakas

Best not think about it
Just do it
Like Johanne and I did, at sunrise in Florida

We just ripped off our clothes and jumped in the ocean
Holding hands
While an old man and his black Labrador retrievers stood, watching

He was kind, he wanted to make sure
We’d be okay in the riptide

I got so frightened of the coming wave
That I ran for my life

Salt and sand in my hair, mouth, eyes,
We were whipped around by the sea, and loved it

The old man’s female dog had arthritis
He was massaging her back, to ease her pain
Speaking tenderly to her

She came to him, wagging her tail
The other dogs followed

His goodness and compassion opened my heart
Made me believe
That people could be good
Were good at heart, it’s just sometimes hard to show it

Later, we got on our bikes and rode back home for breakfast
Feeling so happy we could be there, together.

— from Juniper Volume 1, Issue 3