The Depth of Friendship

by Johanne Pulker

I did not like driving here in the dark this morning
thinking I am a threat to myself,
my safety, and to the safety of others on the road.
Revisiting this now, it is simply true.
We all are.  At the end of last summer,
just past the time for swimming in the lake, I swam,
utterly at home in the movement of the water.
My friend knew there was a tornado coming,
didn’t stop me, told me later.
In the depth of friendship
I am now over a lifetime of fear in the water.
The other day when I fell off my bicycle
I vowed I would get a smaller frame,
one that would allow my feet
to be firmly on the ground.

I don’t know, sometimes I waver
when I’m just walking
or standing
where to now?

— from Juniper Volume 2, Issue 3