Upper Lower Middle

by Matthew Tierney

At Starbucks all wants are normal.
Caramel flan latte.
Breakfast-wrap eggs laid in
behavioural enriched colony housing
somewhere not too too local.

The future is as we said it was,
the keys to the washroom
moored to shoehorns.

Working alone, a solipsist solves
the hard problem of consciousness;
nobody is much impressed.
A physicist discovers a theory of everything
that fails to explain nothing.

You can spot us neurotypicals
by bright displays of affection,
the dandelion glow of our devices.
Surfing the noosphere on Kickstarter,
one argument from design
to another.

We practice realpolitik.
Carve out space for ourselves
in the abyss.

— from Juniper Volume 1, Issue 2