View from the 23rd Floor

by paul Bluestein

From the perch of my apartment
23 floors above the crowded street,
       I can see a kaleidoscope of birds.
       Cigar-shaped chimney swifts
swoop and dart against the setting sun.
A V of geese race the clouds
       of an approaching storm;
       A murmuration of starlings swim
through the sky, flashing and wheeling
like a school of fish in perfect synchrony.

Not at all like the pods of people
washed up on the concrete shore below.
With paddling arms, graceless legs and clumsy
tortoise-shell backpacks, they crawl toward home,
swirling, seething, pushing and bumping
through the late afternoon sea, unmindful
of the show just above their heads,
but far   beyond   their reach.

— from Juniper Volume 4, Issue 3