Volume 1 – Issue 2

Photo by Susan Winemaker

Contents for Volume 1 – Issue 2 | Fall 2017

Rhea Tregebov
Sonnet: Nausea

Martha Heyneman
My Sister’s Funeral

Jacob Scheier
On Missing A Train Stop
Nearly 50% of Toronto Islands underwater after recent deluge of rain: City

Eileen Thalenberg
Between My Finger and Thumb
Jupiter Island

Bill Howell
The Churn
Zip-Top Borders

Stephanie Unger
Rickety Old Bench
Autumn Incense

Terence Young
Mixed Blessing
What We Save For Last

Dean Schabner
Careless as life

Lucy Brennan
Night’s Crucible
Crone or Sage
The Listener

Bruce Meyer
In the Atrium of Royal Victoria Hospital
McLuhan’s Canary

Johanne Pulker
The Quilt

Jon Ustun
Commuting Vehicle

Scott W. Williams
Train Man

Clara Blackwood
Burying Persephone
Persephone Unbound

Debbie Ouellet
On Seeing a Young Buck in a Field

Domenico Capilongo
peanut kiss
peanut moment
two peas

K.D. Miller
My Mother’s Room

Kim Fahner
Wise Woman of Eyeries

Ted Amsden
The Other Night At Monk’s Cove

Brenda Clews
Dance on Waves

April Bulmer
New Moon

Kate Rogers
The Farm

Bruce Hunter

Mark Young
Kitchen Antics

Matthew Tierney
Oppenheimer’s Soul and the Mathematical Sublime
Upper Lower Middle
Spin Little Neutral One

Jeanette Lynes
Why You Hate Advice Poems
Ontario in the Afterlife
Three Haikus for her Exoskeleton

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October 4, 2017