Volume 3 – Issue 1

Photo by Susan Winemaker

Contents for Volume 3 – Issue 1 | Summer 2019

Robyn Sarah
A Disconnect
Sofa, c. 1980
Artist’s Statement

Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang
The children are learning to dive

Corey Mesler
The Octopus off Grand Cayman

Susan Olding
Pushing Sixty

Jacob Berg
a letter for you

Jeannie Prinsen

Mugabi Byenkya
If I Die Bury Me Next To My Father

Colin Morton

Susie Petersiel Berg
Dear Sea Monsters,

Rob Taylor
The Baffled King

Nina P. Honorat
The Aggrieved vs The Long Gone

Jonathan Ustun
Windy Night

Elana Wolff

Scott W. Williams
At The Forge

Trish Hopkinson
glass-bottom boat

Quentin Kerr

Adele Wiseman
Never put a poem off
The Gifted Itch Scratcher

Mark Sampson

Halle Gulbrandsen
my small body

Bruce Meyer
Watching My Wife Dry Her Hair

Angeline Schellenberg
Dear Raspberry Patch

Bill Howell
Here Once in Another Year

Jean Van Loon
Pantoum for the Well-Bred

Dean Schabner
plovers (innocence)

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June 25, 2019