Volume 3 – Issue 2

Photo by Susan Winemaker

Contents for Volume 3 – Issue 2 | Fall 2019

Maureen Scott Harris
the reach

Jason Heroux

Marcia L. Hurlow
Dog Physics

David Barrick
Escape Artists

Ren Pike
Summers were constructions of my father’s heart

Patricia Zylius
Ten Years After Your Death
Green Pool

Celine Marks
[ tied low ]

Beatriz Hausner
For Good and Ever

Clara Blackwood
A Sapphire Ring

Stephen Humphrey
Space Dream
K-T Boundary

Heather Cadsby
Shoulder Replacement: metal ball and plastic socket

Laurie Koensgen
The Letting Go

Aidan Chafe
Another Seasonal Poem

Bänoo Zan
The Moon over Istanbul

Allan Briesmaster
August 1

Myna Wallin
3 a.m. Tango
The Last Act

Nate Simpson
This Goldfish and its Grasp of Model-Dependent Realism

Anita S. Pulier

Kevin Burris
The New Dog

Laura Zacharin
After You Are Buried

Karen George
Sombreness Sunlit, Emily Carr, 1938-40

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October 15, 2019