Volume 4 – Issue 2

Photo by Susan Winemaker

Contents for Volume 4 – Issue 2 | Fall 2020

Jennifer Franklin
Memento Mori: Italy
Antigone’s Regret

Kevin Jones
The Cold Road

Sheniz Janmohamed
All we hear

Erin Wilson
A Little Warmth
Three Days Past the Summer Solstice, I Think of Your Loneliness

Anna Yin
To My Artistic Self
Winter Solstice

Susan Olding
Pleading with Bliss

Branden Mayer
Gathering Dust

Michael Carrino
When You Wake After A Storm

Meg Freer
Way of Stones

Jeannie Prinsen
Leaving home for the last time

Susan Wismer
Still the Moon

Matthew King

Jean Van Loon
Narrow Fellow

Mark Young
This Side of Drapes
III Cerynitis

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October 21, 2020