by Elana Wolff

Quickened / we await the baby / calculate the time to talk /
Your time / my time / different cities / oceans in between /

Branches tangle
at the hedgerow / crows & sparrows come and go /

Come back /
The longest while I didn’t see the crack in the kitchen sill /

Simply didn’t see it /
Then I did /       like Archimedes in the bath /

Last we sat together / I observed how light your fingernails /
The crescent in the nail-bed / pale as whey /

I dreamt a boy in January / perfect earthling / swaddled blue /
& thought of C. D. Wright who passed a week before the dream /

If blue weren’t blue / she wrote / how would love be love?
And what about the moon / of fixed proximity and rhythm /

If the moon weren’t Luna / how would we be?
You asked me not so long ago / if I’d seen the full blue moon /

No / I said at first /
         & then recanted //

— from Juniper Volume 2, Issue 1