O sea of troubles we did not take arms against

by Adebe DeRango-Adem

for many moons we were complete like a single river & for many mornings I dreamt the grooves of your chest & small of your back would propel me to the stars & that they were the missing parts of me like the hollow of a thirsty earth & I believed your divergences were the desire for me to complete you but it was all just a collection of rapids clashing fast & just on the outskirts of sublimity our bodies always flirting with disappearance & now I half-disappeared each night wailing with adoration & horror for the reality is we met in a flurry of sea dust & the sad sounds of unbecoming upon the foamy cascade of peligro waves we did not take arms against but passed through veils of glass & I will never forget how even I forgot miami for the most part since we laughed all night & day & even laughed at our future which we chose to wave away in skylines & do you remember my body in true sirena fashion & how you adored with dopey eyes my body of black mother-of-pearl & how wild & sweet those days that melted into one another & how sleep & fire & water & tears became the same & so we slept in mangled ways upon the dark shorelines of old vows but now my heart is a blue wound which I hope you will one day forgive me my love for in the rapids of our delirious & beautiful past wading waiting wading shall I spend my life

— from Juniper Volume 1, Issue 3