Volume 1 – Issue 3

Photo by Susan Winemaker

Contents for Volume 1 – Issue 3 | Winter 2018

Suzanne Lummis
Pink Heels Redux (With Cats)

Cassidy McFadzean
How to Fall Out of Love

John Oughton
At Wolf Hour

Julie Hart
Memento Mori

Catherine Owen
Sonnet on the Butterfly Gardens

Russell Thornton
Tying Shoes

Catherine Graham
You Come Home from a Trip Away
Somewhere on the Other Side of Here

Ann E. Wallace
Kay’s Kitchen

Alex Boyd
Cereal Box Prizes

Heather Cadsby
Three Triolets

Kirsten Pendreigh
Seawall Women

Anna Passakas
Ocean at Palm Beach

Joel Long
Top of the World Elegy

Martha Henrickson
Three Haiku

Jack Dempster
Being Low in a Good Way

Adebe DeRango-Adem
O sea of troubles we did not take arms against

Anna Geisler

David Young
You Don’t Remember

Jennifer Judge
My Father as an Artist

Elizabeth Greene
Blue Roof Farm Revisited

Rod Weatherbie
We can meet in the push break

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February 19, 2018