The Other Night At Monk’s Cove

by Ted Amsden

the other night
the moon was at         a height
                  it held the sway of night
                  upon the water it spoke

none were there to listen     but I
the moon
        was at its height and upon the water
                  none were listening but I
the moon was
and I upon the water         was the reflecting
                         waves of light

and we three             the moon the water and I
were inside the night which was larger than the three of us
and who without being asked gave way to a deepness without end

where             the moon
       the water
       and I       were held at a height

but none of that mattered because
we were dancing        the moon and water and I

enamoured I offered them my consciousness
they of course          unmoved declined

but I was content         for we held each other in perfection of space

                 the moon  the water    the night
                 and I

            — from Juniper Volume 1, Issue 2